Online Safety

At Airedale Junior School we plan our Online Safety work in line with the new document (below):

You can download a copy of this document here

Whole School Online Safey Skills Progression 19-20

E-Safeguarding Policy 19-20

Each half term we focus on a different area of Online Safety which is differentiated across the school.


In Autmun Term 2, our focus is:

Online Relationships 



Parental Help Section:

Have fun learning about Online Safety/E-Safety with your child. Click here to read a new version of the #Goldilocks story - where she gets into trouble with her mobile phone!

Then take the fun quiz to see what you have learned!

#Goldilocks Story Book

#Goldilocks Quiz

Why not take a look at these Digital Parenting Magazines - each isssue covers different areas of online safety issues which may arise in your family - click on the images below to download and browse through the digital copies!


The above information/downloads were taken from the Vodafone Digital Parenting website - Click this link for more information

Further links to useful websites can be found at the bottom of this page!


Download Online Safety Guide Poster

Download AJS Online Safety Parents Information Booklet

Download Parents Guide to SADFISHING


Useful Help Sheets For Setting Controls on Popular APPs

Click the links below for advice on how to set safer controls for each APP:

Making Facebook Safe

Making Fortnite Chapter 2 Safe

Making Musically (Known as Tik Tok) Safe

Making Instagram Safe

Making Snapchat Safe

Making Twitch Safe (Often known as You Tube for Gamers)

Making What's App Safe

If you need any of these guides printing to make them clearer and easy to follow, please contact school and ask for Miss Williams


Useful Help Sheets For Setting Controls on Game Consoles, iPads & Phones

Click the links below for advice on how to set safer controls for each gadget:

Apple Gadgets

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Switch



xbox family

xbox one

xbox 360


Some Useful Websites for those who are wishing to know more about online safety or report problems

Click on the links below to find some useful online safety sites: