Eco Council

We've already achieved the Eco-Schools BRONZE Award, and we are working our way up to silver!


Who are our Eco Councillors?

Our Eco council are 16 children (1 child from each class in school) who meet every 2 weeks to help make our school more eco friendly. Our newly elected Eco Council started in September 2021. We have are looking forward to our new roles. Take a look at what we have been up to below!

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Environmental School Review:


Eco-Schools Environmental Review


Our School Eco Action Plan:

After the children completed the school Environmental Review, the Eco Council met to create our School Eco Action Plan. We all had fantastic ideas to help make our school more eco friendly. Over the coming months and years our Eco Council will work together to achieve all the items listed on our Eco Action Plan.

Walk to School with WOW! 

In September this year we took part in Walk to School week with the Charity Living streets. We encouraged our peers to walk to school or park and stride. Our eco councillors were in charge of recording a daily tally of children who did walk to school and feeding back to our council. 

After the huge succes of WOW week, we are trialing a new online tacking system that we hope to roll out across the school by the end of summer. 


Our Findings from last year:
We found out that on average 12/16 classrooms left their lights and interactive whiteboards on when the room was empty.
The Eco Council spoke to the adults in these classrooms and checked again the following week.
We found a big improvement with only 4 classes in the school leaving lights/interactive whiteboards on. The Eco Council will continue to monitor this.


Turn off the light!

The Eco Council designed and put up posters above each light switch in school to remind adults and children to switch off the lights.



Recycling Bins Initiative

Every classroom in school has been provided with a recycle bin. Everyone is encouraged to recycle waste paper and card into this bins. They are emptied each week and the waste paper is then collected by RENWI to be recycled. Our Eco Council were shocked with the amount of paper used each week in school and are working together to help reduce this amount. This halft term, we will be measuring the amount of recycling in each bin every other week to see which year group is trying their hardest to be environmentally friendly. 


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