Year 3

Our Amazing Teaching Staff:


Miss R Fenna - 3D
Miss R Skitt - 3G LKS2 Leader
Mr C McLoughlin - 3P
Mrs Y Johnson - 3U (Assistant Head)
Mrs S Garlick - 3U

Our Amazing Support Staff:

Mrs G Wilkinson - 3D HLTA
Mrs J Dickinson - 3G HLTA
Mrs L Jones - 3P
Mrs C Moss - 3U

Look what we've been up to recently:

Last half term we completed our history topic on The Stone Age! We learned all about life in those times, learning about the houses they lived in, the food they ate and what animals roamed the earth back then! We took part in a Stone Age day where we came dressed in animal skins and had spears for hunting! Throughout our topics we made Stone Age jewellery from clay and created our own cave paintings. 

Look at some of our pictures...